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Ethical Issues of Algorithm-generated Technology from the Creators' Perspective


  • Online:2023-01-10 Published:2023-04-16

Abstract: [Purpose/Significance] As an emerging technology,algorithm-generated technology may raises some ethical issues, and the discussion of these ethical problems is of great significance to the improvement of social moral and ethical standards and social governance model. [Design/Methodology] This article reviews the development of algorithm-generated technology, sorts out the limitations of algorithm-generated technology based on literature research and comparative analysis,and analyzes the value and ethical issues of algorithmic-generated technology combined with deontological ethics. [Findings/Conclusion] The application of algorithm-generated technology has economic value, artistic value and cultural value. Meanwhile it causes creators worry about their own abilities and challenges people's subjective status. Therefore, an effective governance model is needed in the era of algorithms. [Originality/Value]On the basis of deontological ethics and from the perspective of equality and autonomy, this paper examines the ethical debates on the use of algorithm-generated technology by different creators, and proposes that in the future algorithmic governance, the principle of "distributive justice" should be adopted in the social mechanism; in the aspect of responsibility attribution, "responsibility and equal rights" is a consensus; and in education and training, "algorithmic literacy" is a requirement. Multi-subjects cooperation is needed to guide and publicize the value of social members to jointly build a standardized and orderly harmonious society.

Key words: Algorithm-generated, AIGC, Algorithmic ethics, Algorithmic governance, Algorithmic literacy