Submission and Review Process

  • All manuscripts need to be submitted in Word format through DIK’s website ( Manusripts printed on paper or submissions through emails are not permitted.

    This journal does not charge authors for APC.
    There are some fake information about the contacts of the journal. So please make sure you get the exactly right infomation about Documentation, Information & Knowledge (DIK) in case of any loss.  

    All the submissions and reviews are conducted online. Generally, at least two reviewers are responsible for the double-blind peer review process, which is as follows:

    Details of the process:

    (1) The system will automatically send an email to the author after a successful submission of a manuscript.

    (2) The desk-check is about 2 weeks, and time-consuming of the second desk-check and peer review depends on the quality of the manuscript and the revision. All submissions to DIK can be tracked via the official submission system.

    (3) The comments will be provided in the system, and authors will be reminded by email. Authors should submit the revised version and a detailed explanation for revision on the system. The explanation should address each peer reviews’ comments and specify what corresponding changes are made in the revised version.

    (4) The revised manuscript will be returned to the reviewers for a second review, and this circle will usually be repeated for 2-3 rounds.

    (5) When a manuscript passes the peer review, the editorial office will review the manuscript in terms of language, contents and formats, and then send it to the author for acceptance after the final revision.  


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