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    The Hot Domains, Research Fronts and Knowledge Base of International Library and InformationVisua Analysis of 17 Journals’ Knowledge Map
    DOCUMENT,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2013, 0 (3): 4-15.  
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    Based on the bibliometrics and visualization methods, this paper analyzes 4602 papers in 17 international journals included in SCI and SSCI in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS) from 2008 to 2012. The hot domains, research fronts and the knowledge base are investigated respectively by means of knowledge mapping generated by visualization software. Conclusions are as flows.Firstly, investigations reveal that quantification, management, technology, network, retrieval, and medical health information have been the six research hot domains in LIS for the past five years. Secondly, investigations reveal that medicine information, citation analysis, virtual community of network, semantic information retrieval have been research fronts in LIS for the past five years. Thirdly, the knowledge base collection of LIS for the past five years includes three areas namely 13 fundamental classical literatures which have a significant impact on international LIS field, 10 literatures of high frequency cited,and 19 key literatures of high centrality.

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    The Technical Features and Aromorphosis of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC)
    Documentation, Informaiton & Knowledge    2023, 40 (1): 66-74.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2023.01.066
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    [Purpose/Significance] The enrichment and emergence of multi-modal content promote the updating and iteration of technical models.This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities of AI generated content(AIGC)from the perspective of information resource management,which will play a positive role in the future application expansion and scene landing of AIGC. [Design/Methodology] Based on the evolution and development of the Internet, this paper combs the basic conditions for the development of AIGC from four aspects: network form evolution, content production, interpersonal interaction mode, and network resource organization. Focusing on three dimensions of data assignment, model intelligence and space empowerment, this paper discusses the technical characteristics of AIGC, the technical elements founded on data, algorithms and computing power, and the development stages based on entity twinning, learning and creation, and real-time autonomous generation. [Findings/Conclusion] The integration of AIGC and technical algorithms has brought a substantial impact on the research and practice of information resource management, which is embodied in information organization, data asset management, user research and information ethics. [Originality/Value] AIGC, supported by information resources, has strong productivity, which has brought a new attempt to the entire content ecology and creation model, analyzing its elements, characteristics and impacts is helpful to promote the exploration and practice of AIGC in the field of information resource management.

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    Information and Poverty: an Overview of Elfreda Chatman’s Small World Theories
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2015, 0 (6): 67-78.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2015.06.067
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    “Small world theories” developed by Elfreda Chatman were consist of a series of theories, including theory of information poverty, theory of life in the round, and theory of normative behavior. Chatman explained information poverty from “small world life” perspective. She indicated that information poverty was not necessarily correlated to economical poverty. It was the “insider” and “outsider” structure and social norms of small world that erected barriers against the information seeking and sharing. Chatman further deeply discussed the conceptions of “social norm”, “small world” and “information behavior” in her theory of life in the round and theory of normative behavior. By doing this, she expanded the application of her theory from extremely poor and socially isolated groups to less contextrestricted groups. Chatman’s small world theory borrowed several concepts and theories from Sociology. Moreover, she did lots of empirical studies to induce and test her theories with ethnographic research methods. Traditionally, research in human information behavior was mainly embedded in cognitive and psychological perspectives. Studies of Chatman greatly changed such academic tradition and created a new sociological paradigm in human information behavior.

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    Characteristics and Evolution of the Research Communities of Bibliometrics:1994-2014
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2016, 0 (3): 71-79.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2016.03.071
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    Based on 4,251 bibliometricsrelated articles collected from the Web of Science during 19942014, this paper examined the disciplinary background, geographical coverage, thematic preference and favorite journals of the authors, from a bibliometric perspective. The first finding is that Library & Information Science (LIS) has been overshadowed by Medicine in both publications and citations, involving bibliometric studies. Second, in the area of bibliometrics the status of Americas and East Europe has been declining, instead, the status of Asia and West Europe has been keeping on a rise. Last but not least, the focus on bibliometrics has been rising steadily during 19942014, most bibliometric studies focused on citation analysis, network analysis, impact factor, h index and additional derivatives etc., meanwhile, fundamental bibliometric principles were ignored. Most of the authors preferred to publish their bibliometricrelated work in LIS journals, except economists and medical scientists who preferred journals in their own fields. Furthermore, this paper discussed the trend of interdisciplinarity concerning bibliometrics.

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    Exploring the Innovation and Promotion Models of Domestic Games in the Context of Culture-tourism Integration: A Case Study of Genshin Impact
    Documentation, Informaiton & Knowledge    2021, 38 (5): 107-118.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2021.05.107
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    [Purpose/Significance]This article explores the penetration and driver of culture-toursim integration on the innovation and promotion of games in China, and analyzes the positive effects of the deep integration of games, culture and tourism.[Design/Methodology]This study employed the open-world adventure role-playing game Genshin Impact as an example. An open coding analysis was conducted on the primary interview data and the secondary data such as videos and news. Eventually, the "high fidelity" elements of culture-tourism integration in open world games were identified so as to exploit the deep integration directions of games with culture and tourism in the future.[Findings/Conclusion]Driven by the integration of culture and tourism, excellent traditional culture and rich natural and human landscapes are assimilated into the planning and design of open world games, which could enhance the sense of presence, immersion, and players’ engagement. As a flexible form of cultural output, games with "high fidelity" culture and tourism elements affect overseas players’perceptions of Chinese traditional culture through the inadvertent, high-participation, strong penetrating, and experiential interaction model, which could improve the output of Chinese culture as part of our soft power.[Originality/Value]In the context of culture and tourism integration, this article explores new models of domestic games’ innovation and promotion. It can shed lights on providing implications for promoting cross-border cooperation of the game industry, as well as model innovation and sustainable development of the curlture and tourism industry.
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    Retrospective Analysis and Prediction: Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications in Libraries
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2018, 0 (2): 50-60.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2018.02.050
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    The  application of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought innovation to basic science research and industry in recently years. This paper briefly reviews and analyzes the research and development of artificial intelligence technologies such as expert systems, natural language processing, pattern recognition, robotics and machine learning in the fields of library information retrieval, reference service, cataloging, classification, acquisitions, circulation and automation. By analyzing the papers published on both domestic and international journals, studying the practices of latest AI applications in industry, this paper finds that the current AI applications in the library are still in the narrow AI or weak AI/machine learning phase. However, the emerging technology of face recognition, arranging and organizing book shelves by robots, natural language processing based on machine learning, chat robot based on artificial neural networks are making library more automatic. Especially, this paper looks into the possibilities of applying general AI or strong AI technologies into the retrieval system of libraries.

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    Research Focuses & Frontiers of Social Networking Services Abroad
    DOCUMENT,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2012, 0 (6): 68-75.  
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    Based on Web of Science, this paper analyzed the papers with the subject “Social Networking Services”, and used the method of Social Network Analysis, etc. to draw the network of research focuses and frontiers on SNS abroad. The results show that: (1) the key research areas are models, identity, friends, communication, Internet use; (2) user acceptance, web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, social capital, selfesteem, privacy, Social Network Analysis, behavior, computermediated communication, selfdisclosure, selfpresentation, platform of SNS, social media, etc. are the research focuses of SNS; (3) the frontiers of the research on SNS has a trend with subdivision, and the frontiers are health, adolescents & children, knowledge management, social commerce, etc.

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    The Research Hotspot of Big Data in Library and Information Science of China
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2015, 0 (4): 82-89.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2015.04.082
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    Big data has become a research hotspot in the field of library and information science in recent years. Literatures on the subject of big data from CNKI are collected, and with the help of SPSS and UCINET, we use the word frequency statistics and coword analysis method to proceed cluster analysis, strategy coordinate analysis, diagram analysis and coreperiphery  structure analysis. The analysis results show that the hot research mainly focus on eight topics, including smart library and the internet of things, data mining and processing, big data and enterprises competitive intelligence, big data and university library, big data and information analysis, big data and knowledge service, big data and public library, big data and digital library. Finally the paper analyses  the research topics detailedly and attempts to provide reference on big data research in library and information science.

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    Basic Framework of the Analysis on Research Data Rights
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (1): 34-51.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.01.034
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    Research data is an important part of science development, and as a kind of knowledge asset, it is also a new challenge on the library knowledge management. Research data is the key of research data management, and its basic framework includes the rights of stakeholders, the management approach at difference disciplines, the implementation policies at different levels, the rights of use and citation, the rights of deposit and communication, the rights of public sharing and so on. Based consideration of the present stage of needs of research data management and service, the article finally proposals a future work of the research-workflow oriented data right and interest management.

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    Historical Review of the Developmen of Information Science wih Proposing Frontier Topics
    DOCUMENT,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2013, 0 (2): 4-12.  
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    Information Science has been developed for more than 100 years. It is believed that research of Information Science are closely related to Library Science, Documentation Science and Information Systems. This paper discusses the developing course of Information Science from three aspects which are four background, three dimensions and one chain, and it also proposes future prospects based on current academic development, environmental situation and several major frontier topics on Information Science.

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    A Review of Network Public Opinion for Unexpected Emergency
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (2): 111-119.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.02.111
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    This paper gives a detail explanation about the emergency network opinion research. The current researches are mainly focused on the concept, feature, influencing factors, lifecycle, control mechanisms, technology and system for network public opinion of emergency. The problems and challenges exist in emergency network opinion research are as follows: theory and practice integration needs, lack of quantitative analysis of the system and framework, not deep enough of microlevel analysis, lack of Internet social structure and group behavior research, promising uses of visual display and monitoring techniques.

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    Analysis of Competitive Intelligence Development in the Era of Big Data
    DOCUMENT,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2013, 0 (2): 105-111.  
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    The era of Big Data is coming, which will bring fundamental changes of data usage in all industries. The Big Data has four characteristics including big Volume, Variety of data types, spares Value and great Velocity. They bring opportunities and challenges to the enterprise competitive intelligence. Based on detailed introduction of big data and its features, the impact of big data for competitive intelligence work is analyzed in depth, including the opportunities and the challenges. In the final, the future developments and researches of enterprise competitive intelligence work are predicted based on above discussions. The result of the research will help to expand the visiondepth of information science disciplines and the way of information organization and information processing in large data environments.

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    Action Literacy:Key to Success for We the People in the Information Age
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2015, 0 (5): 4-10.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2015.05.004
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    Based on his original vision of Information Literacy(IL) and indepth analysis of its continuing relevance to the economic, political and social changes of the 21st  Century, the author looks into the next 40 years of IL. First, the author described how his 1974 proposal to the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science(NCLIS) explained that the then emerging Information Service Environment was producing information services requiring user training in computer searching. By his understanding of the users’ need for information skills, he creatively coined the phrase Information Literacy, which triggered a worldwide IL movement over 40 years. In this part, the author also explained that current Internet experience proves that there is still a need for the development of information search skills, which could be regarded as a new step for IL, and referred to as Action Literacy (AL). Second, using Greece, Britain, and the States as examples, the author analyzed how information asymmetry has been resulting in the inequality which is currently corrupting the economy and democracy of individual countries, and held that facing this challenge, AL is able to provide the solutions to it as empowered by their improved capability to find good information through universal IL training, people will be able to control the switches to information so to know how to address this underlying problem. In the last part of this keynote speech, the author emphasized that the IL movement must now turn its attention to the application of IL skills in different sectors. In his point of view, to date IL efforts have emphasized academic versions of IL rather than reallife, takeaction, or AL. It now comes a demand for action by IL advocates, experts, librarians, educators and information businesses to focus on extending IL training on the universal basis, actually a system of AL. The author thus introduced his current work with the public library system in his home county, establishing the Action Literacy Coalition(ALC) to provide the means for all involved to coordinate their efforts, to develop local AL training events and also a network through which to share the experience and forward thrust of local organization at home and around the world. This speech concluded that in the long run it would be a global plan to engage members of the public around the world in a program of AL. The focal point of the effort is public libraries.

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    Review of Data Mining Techniques’ Application in Medical and Healthcare Field
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2018, 0 (5): 114-123.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2018.05.114
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    Data mining and knowledge service in medical and healthcare field has become one of the core needs of the development of related industry. Data mining as the key technology of knowledge extraction has gained much attention in recent years. This paper first summarized common models and algorithms of data mining in the field of medicine and healthcare, and then reviewed the application status of this technology in three aspects, including assistance of completing medical tasks, scientific management of medical resources, and improvement of health information service. Meanwhile, this paper concluded the subdivided application areas, algorithms and representative publications. In addition, it also summarized the limitations and problems according to the data mining process. Finally, three future research directions have been put forward.

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    The Talent Cultivation Model of LIS Education in China
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (1): 11-17.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.01.011
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    Through an online investigation of talent cultivation status of 75 LIS education institutions in China, this paper analyzes the system design of Chinese LIS education talent cultivation, including degree settings, ways to recruit students, cultivation objective, and the quality assessment and certification system. And it also analyzes the process management of LIS education in China, including discipline and courses settings, cultivation methods, and cultivation requirements and so on. Based on this, this paper puts forward some suggestions of transforming the Chinese LIS education talent cultivation pattern from many aspects, such as the admission system of undergraduate, classified training pattern of postgraduate, mentor system reform, the scientificity and flexibility of cultivation requirements and so on.

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    The article examines the usage of the website, a multilingual online collection of millions of digitized items from European museums, libraries, archives and multimedia collections. It concentrates on the social media referrals to the site. Three methods for obtaining the data are examined: Google analytics, ClickStream logs and http server logs. The analyses produced by Google Analytics are highlighted in the article.

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    Review and Comparison of Research Status of Knowledge Base at Home and Abroad
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2016, 0 (3): 15-25.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2016.03.015
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    A knowledge base can store,organize and process knowledge and also it is an important knowledge set which can provide knowledge service.The construction of knowledge base is the foundation of carrying out knowledge management and knowledge service in all walks of life.In this paper, the domestic and foreign research status of the knowledge base are arranged and summarized,and then we found that the domestic research mainly focus on the theory and practice of the construction of knowledge base and three different types of knowledge base.More in-depth study of the concept of the knowledge base, techniques and methods, the framework and structure of knowledge base and knowledge base application in different areas are the main achievements of the foreign research.By comparing and analyzing the research achievements at home and abroad,we found that the common ground of the study of knowledge base in the domestic and foreign research are the research focus, research methods, and the lack of research on archives knowledge base,and the difference lies in the research subject, the research perspective and the research depth.Finally, we put forward three enlightenments of the construction of the archives knowledge base from the present research achievements of knowledge base.

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    Overall Description of the Past five China Nationals Reading Survey
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (1): 71-82.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.01.071
    Abstract2105)      PDF(pc) (4801KB)(1264)       Save

    Starting from 1999 till 2012, The Institute of Press Science of China has conducted 10 grand surveys to investigate the situation of reading of the Chinese nationals. Basing on the static analysis of the results of the recent 5 surveys plus the analysis on the reason of the transmutation of the reading habits, we are dedicated to understand the situation and trend of national reading and propose relative recommendations to promote the reading habits among our Chinese nationals.

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    Comparative Study of Big Data Based on Patent Map and Knowledge Mapping
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2015, 0 (5): 89-98.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2015.05.089
    Abstract2103)            Save

    Big data technology arouses widespread concern among academic circle and industries in recent years. In order to deeply understand the research achievements of big data, using patents and papers as the data source, we compared visualization of patents in Derwent Innovations Index (DII) and papers in Web of Science (WOS) database from five aspects using patent map and knowledge mapping method. From the view of patents and papers of big data, it has two distinct stages, and now develops rapidly. America leads first in papers of big data, while China does in patents of big data. IBM’s research topics include system, access, storage, analysis, management, and application of big data technology from the perspective of patents and papers. Cocitation of document is in advantage of highly cited patent in revealing the core technology of big data. ThemeScape patent map shows the technology development in big data deeply from the micro perspective, while keywords knowledge mapping shows the research development in big data systematically from the macro perspective. The result shows that: big data era is coming soon, US is a leading research country, Internet enterprise is far ahead, and the core technology of big data is MapReduce, Hadoop, cloud computing, etc.

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    A Review on Patentometrics Research
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (5): 72-80.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.05.072
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    There are important information,such as technical,economical and legal informaton in patent literatures,which has peculiarity. We can find the quantitative characteristics, distributed pattern and structure relation by patent measuring and analysis, which can be used widely in science, technology, innovation, industry, patent competition, patent strategy, patent policy, patent system and so on.Patent measuring and analysis has becorning huge industry.The generation and development of patentometrics have experienced four stages, shaped two core research fields, and batch of typical scholars and core literatures. The contents of patentometrics includes three areas, i.e. patent quantitative analysis, patent citation analysis and patent correlation analysis; three levels, i.e. national,institutional framework and inventor; and three aspects, i.e. theories, indicators and methods and application.Some progresses have been made in the researches on indicators and methods of patent quantitative analysis and value assessment.A batch of practical patent analysis tools have been developed, which are the base of quantitative patent analysis.Patentometics has extensivel application and development space in inventors,enterprises, laboratories,universities, research institutes, and governments.

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    Investigation and Analysis of Graduates’ Employment Situation of LIS in China
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (1): 26-33.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.01.026
    Abstract2053)      PDF(pc) (3553KB)(1326)       Save

    The investigation on graduates’ employment situation of LIS in china indicates that the fields of graduates’ employment are widely distributed in various areas of information industry, and mostly engaged in informationrelated work. Most graduates suggest that LIS education should be geared to the needs of a broader information occupation. But the current school curriculum can’t allow graduates produce the information advantage well in the work, and training methods are not conducive to improving the students practical ability. Therefore, this article propound proposals for the reform of LIS education form discipline integration, training objective, curriculum design, cultivation of practice ability and other aspects.

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    Review and Analysis of Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2015, 0 (2): 115-123.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2015.02.115
    Abstract2001)      PDF(pc) (7688KB)(349)       Save

    As more and more universities invest in research data management (RDM), it has become increasingly important for administrators, researchers, and managers to be able to evaluate RDM process for sustainability and efficiency. This paper introduces three applications of Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for RDM for the purpose of process assessment, including CMM for RDM developed by Syracuse University, The Australian National Data Service’s Research Data Management Capability Maturity, DMVitals developed by University of Virginia Library. Then the paper uses the comparative method to analyze the three models from the aspects of scope, modeling method, functions, advantages and disadvantages. The study found each model had its applicability and characteristics, universities should choose appropriate evaluation model based on specific goals.

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    Online Public Opinion Mining:User’s Sentiment Analysis
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2013, 0 (6): 90-96.  
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    Considering the actual situation of public opinion information, a set of quantitative calculation method was put forward to analysis user emotional tendency, which concludes extraction of opinion sentences, judgment of positive and negative emotions, quantitatively analysis of opinion sentiments, statistics and generation reports of strong readability.

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    Investigation and Analysis of the Education in Knowledge Management
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (2): 45-53.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.02.045
    Abstract1954)      PDF(pc) (2416KB)(769)       Save

    By the comparative analysis of curriculum system, discipline, teaching materials and other aspects from 50 institutions, this paper showed that education of knowledge management had combined with other subjects deeply, and had abundant applications, it had consummate education levels and rich teaching forms. Some revelations were concluded: this issue needs clarify educational objectives, standardize curriculum systems, and clear educational objectives.

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    A Heuristic Evaluation Framework for Information Quality of Wikipedia Articles
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (2): 11-17.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.02.011
    Abstract1950)      PDF(pc) (2391KB)(681)       Save

    Based on detailed introduction for concepts and evaluation research status of Wikipedia articles’ information quality, this paper analyzes the characteristics and problems of Wikipedia articles’ information quality according to the theoretical research and practice cases(the research literatures and the Wikipedia’s communities), and constructs the heuristic framework for information quality assessment of Wikipedia articles, which is a multidimensional structure consisting of general concepts, relations, classifications, and methodologies. It can provide the heuristic standards and methods for all kinds of Wikipedia users, and references, benchmarks for subsequent empirical or experimental researches.

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    Popularizing Citizens’ Information Literacy:The Realistic Choice of Bibliography Popularization in the Digital Age
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (2): 54-59.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.02.054
    Abstract1949)      PDF(pc) (2376KB)(614)       Save

    Information literacy is the extension and development of bibliography in the digital era. Information literacy is information awareness, methods and capabilities to meet demand such as citizens’learning,research,employment,entrepreneurship,work,life,and etc. Information literacy is also a basic literacy of citizens for survival and development in the information society. Bibliography is the discipline source of information literacy. It provided practical bibliographic methods and information awareness for information literacy. Popularize citizens’ information literacy is an inherent requirement and external power of the development of the bibliography discipline. It contributes to refining the noumenon of the discipline, expanding the breadth of research, promoting the application depth. Bibliography workers and their academic organization Bibliography Professional Committee should focus on the spread of information literacy of College Students, promote information literacy as a compulsory subject, standardize information literacy teaching content, publish high-quality textbooks about information literacy, organize textbook demonstration teaching courses or teaching seminars, along with Teaching Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education of Library Science and Higher School of Library and Information Work Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education. In addition, they should create the conditions to popularizing information literacy of schoolchildren and the general public, achieving the goal of popularizing bibliographic knowledge, ultimately enhancing the status of bibliography discipline.

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    Analysis of Open Data of the Government of Canada and Its Enlightenment to China
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2015, 0 (2): 106-114.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2015.02.106
    Abstract1913)      PDF(pc) (4900KB)(495)       Save

    Open data has become the important support of open government, an governments construction is also an important part of implementing the strategy of big data. The government of Canada’s open data is in the world leading level in the preparation, plans to deploy resources, action and impact. However, it also has some deficiencies., Drawing on rich experience deriving from the government of Canada’s open government advantages and disadvantages, the government of China who is at the start stage of open data should continue and upgrade the work of open data by toplevel designing through laws and policies, collaborating with domestic and foreign governments, social institutions and citizens, making use of ICT as effective tools, deploying and implementing detailed action plans, based on China's national conditions.

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    Construction and Implementation of the Information Management Specialty Courses Chain:a Study of Teaching Reform Program
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (2): 4-10.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.02.004
    Abstract1912)      PDF(pc) (3035KB)(941)       Save

    The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China adjusted the undergraduate program of universities in 1998, and the new specialty of information management and information system was established from the original five specialties including scientific and technological information, economic information management, management information system, information science and forestry information management. Our “Reform and Construction of Information Management Speciality” team has analyzed our own specialty background and investigated the main domestic specialty curricula programs as well as the curricula system of iSchool, based on which the information management Specialty Courses Chain and Specialty Quality Chain have been put forward and implemented. As a result, remarkable effects have been seen in talent development and curricular system construction.

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    Investigation and Analysis on Marketing Management of Public Libraries in Jiangsu Province
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (4): 68-79.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.04.068
    Abstract1880)      PDF(pc) (3207KB)(528)       Save

    Public libraries need to face the challenges, introduce the useroriented marketing idea to obtain the user’s trust and support, shape the image through marketing management and to achieve its social value. The paper uses the web-based survey, interview method, comparative studies and other research methods, to investigate and analyze marketing management of public libraries in Jiangsu Province. The paper takes fourdimensional investigation methods, including online survey, basic survey,depth investigation and extended investigation, to pursue multi-dimensional, multi-level,multi-faceted investigation and analysis and to improve the reliability and validity of the research.On the basis of the analysis, it summed up the experience of marketing management of public libraries in Jiangsu Province, and put forward a sound proposal about marketing management mechanism of public libraries.

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    Study on Partnership of Scientific Research Collaboration Between Institutions Based on Social Network Analysis
    DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE    2014, 0 (2): 84-94.   DOI: 10.13366/j.dik.2014.02.084
    Abstract1873)      PDF(pc) (4551KB)(896)       Save

    Data of scientific research collaboration are collected including faculty educational background, academic citation and coauthorship between 30 major domestic schools of economics. The structural features of scientific research collaboration network and the correlation with research ability of institutions are explored based on social network analysis. A model of scientific research collaboration between institutions is constructed based on multiple relational data which is used to illustrate the formation mechanism and influence factors of scientific research collaboration. The result shows that the scientific research cooperation situation between institutions can be explored deeply based on various collaboration data.

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