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Research Workflow in the Era of AIGC: Application and Future of Digital Academic Tools from the Perspectives of Collaboration and AI Empowerment

WANG Shuyi, ZHANG Qingwei, ZHANG Jin   

  1. Management School of Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin, 300387
  • Online:2023-09-10 Published:2023-10-22
  • Contact: Correspondence should be addressed to WANG Shuyi,, ORCID: 0000-0001-5595-4416
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    This is an outcome of the Teaching Reform Project "Reform and Practice of Teaching Forms and Methods for Cultivating Innovative Talents"(JG01222051)supported by Tianjin Normal University.

Abstract: [Purpose/Significance] This study aims to examine the selection of software tools in scientific research activities from the perspectives of "collaborative ability" and "AI empowerment", and propose suggestions for constructing scientific research workflows. [Design/Methodology] Based on the scientific research process, through website surveys and user feedback, we collected information of scientific research tools considering their functional characteristics and user evaluations. Using collaborative ability and AI empowerment as criteria, we compared and selected mainstream scientific research tools. [Findings/Conclusion] There are significant differences in the collaborative abilities of different scientific research software applications, as well as in the degree to which these softwares are integrated with AIGC technology. By constructing optimized workflows through screening scientific research tools, more effective collaboration can be achieved among different stages of scientific research processes, devices, and users to enhance knowledge management and production efficiency of researchers. [Originality/Value] This study provides references for the software choices of researchers and promotes more excellent research tools selected to collaborate in scientific research and improve AIGC capabilities and the overall efficiency of research activities.

Key words: Research tools, Research workflow, Collaborative capabilities, AIGC(Aitificial Intelligence Generated Content)