Aims and Scope

  • Documentation, Information & Knowledge (ISSN 1003-2797, CN 42-1085/G2) is a comprehensive academic journal of the national first-class subject "Library, Information and Archives Management", administrated by the Ministry of Education in China, sponsored by Wuhan University, and co-launched by School of Information Management and Center for Information Resources Studies at Wuhan University.

    Founded in 1984, Documentation, Information & Knowledge adheres to the purpose of "focusing on the state of public knowledge, leading the trends of discipline development". It relies on the school-running advantages and high-quality platform resources of School of Information Management of Wuhan University, which is the largest teaching and research institution in the field of library, information and archives management and data and information management in China. Documentation, Information & Knowledge tracks academic frontiers, integrates theory with practice, and provides an excellent academic exchange platform for education and scientific research in the fields of information management and data science.

    As a peer-reviewed journal, based upon the library, information and archives management discipline and combined with information and data management, management science, economics, public administration, sociology, computer science and other related interdisciplinary fields, Documentation, Information & Knowledge aims to explore information problems at the individual-organizational-social level (including theories, technical methods and applications), as well as the practices of libraries, information and technology institutions, archives departments and other relevant information institutions, finally advance positive interaction among information, technology and people.


    Specific topic areas may include but not limited to:

    ◆  The empowerment and new development of libraries in the new era, including smart libraries, artificial intelligence and

        libraries, public(digital) cultural service innovation, national reading and reading promotion

      Information behavior in different environments and contexts, including information seeking/searching/sharing behavior,

        information avoidance/information anxiety/information burnout, integration of user information behavior data with

        other technical methods (such as natural language processing, text mining, user portraits)

      Data sharing and data governing, including government data openness and governance, scientific data


      Digital humanities, intelligent computing of cultural heritage, data intelligence and cultural computing, digital

        preservation and digital memory

      Scientific communication in digital environment/open science/social media

      Scientometrics, policy text analysis, and policy literature quantification in the era of big data

      Community informatics, information equality, digital inclusion

      Scientific and technological information system and service-supportive platform

      Construction of the Library, Information and Archives Management discipline in perspective of big data

      Interdisciplinary research methods in the fields of library, information and archives management, as well as information and data management


    The main columns of the journal consist of "Library, Document & Communication", "Intelligence, Information & Sharing", "Knowledge, Learning & Management", "Academic Focus", "Professional Education", " Forum for Young Scholars", "Meeting Minutes", etc. The featured columns include "Interview with Global iDeans", "Reading List” and so on. There are also columns such as "Research, Interpretation and Practice of the Spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", "Philosophy and Social Sciences Discipline with Chinese Characteristics and Discourse System Construction", etc.


    Documentation, Information & Knowledge is funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China. It is also an authoritative journal of the Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Journal AMI Comprehensive Evaluation (Journal A), a national Chinese core journal, a CSSCI source journal, and has been listed in the "FMS High-quality Chinese Journals". For many consecutive years, it has been awarded as the important source of China Social Science Excellence of Renmin University of China, excellent journal of Library Science of China, the most influential academic journal of Hubei Province, excellent journal of Hubei Province, etc. The journal is included by "Chinese Journal Fulltext Database", "Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform", "China Science and Technology Journal Database" (VIP), "National Social Science Database" (NSSD), "Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory" and other databases. All the full-texts of the journal are open access available on the journal's official website.


    The journal ranks at the forefront of the discipline in the journal evaluation system such as "Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors" and the full-text reprint of the China Social Science Excellence of the Renmin University of China, and enjoys a wide range of academic reputation and influence.


    Documentation, Information & Knowledge does not charge for APC in any form, which warmly welcomes contributions from domestic and overseas authors. Audience’s subscription is also encouraged.


    Founding year: Trial issued in June 1980, officially first issued in 1984.


    ISSN 1003-2797,CN 42-1085/G2,Post code: 38-108),Bimonthly


    Supervised by: Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China


    Sponsor by: Wuhan University


    Edited by: Editorial Office of Documentation, Information & Knowledge


    Distribution Scope: Both domestic and overseas


    Issued by: Hubei Post and Newspaper Publishing Bureau of Hubei Province


    Foreign distribution: China International Book Trading Corporation


    Address of the Editorial department: School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Luojia Hill, Wuhan City. 


    Post Code: 430072






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