DOCUMENTATION,INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE ›› 2017, Vol. 0 ›› Issue (1): 4-10.doi: 10.13366/j.dik.2017.01.004

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Impacts of the Big Data Environment on Information Organization


  • Online:2017-01-10 Published:2017-01-10


This paper firstly indicate that, under the big data environment, information organization should play roles in the below aspects: classifying, recording, describing, concentrating big data, navigating, selecting, evaluating and managing big data, as well as exchanging and sharing big data. Information organization will face many problems and challenges in the process of dealing with big data. The problems and challenges include: the role of information organization can easily be ignored, the disciplinary boundaries of information organization is gradually blurring, both automation and intelligence level of information organization are insufficient, existing tools and methodologies are  not enabled information organization to handle the tasks of processing big data. Based on the above understandings, in the future, trends and tasks of information organization can be summarized as the following five aspects:(1)Building quality projects of information organization to highlight the importance of it in the big data environment.(2)Improving the automation and efficiency level of information organization with big data techniques.(3)Organizing big data semantically with the help of the stock of semantic resources.(4)Establishing newtype data representation mode.(5)Promoting the interconnection and integration of data under the background of the opendata movement.

Key words: The big data environment, Information organization, Data description, Interconnection of data, Integration of data