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Exploration of Data Librarian Practice in Open Science


  • Online:2020-03-10 Published:2020-04-04

Abstract: [Purpose/Significance]In the context of open science, it is beneficial to the post setting of data librarians by clarifying the connotations, functions in the business process and professional development. It could also provide reference for the innovation of library services.[Design/Methodology]Based on literature review, this paper systematically introduced data librarians in aspects on concept and functions. It also analyzed the compatibility of data librarians’development and their realistic needs. According to the information of data librarian recruitment, this research extracted job duties and established sustainable developing schemes for data librarians.[Findings/Conclusion]Data librarians could offer supports to researchers for the practice of data management and the issues of data governance in the context of open science. Data librarians’ competitiveness and users’satisfaction will be enhanced by educational training and professional improvement provided by academic libraries.[Originality/Value]This paper builds a basic research framework and working dimensional model for data librarians. It also suggests to explore the whole life cycle of research data from the perspectives of producing process and circulation process in open science. Finally, data librarians’roles have been illustrated in both processes.

Key words: Open science, Academic library, Data librarian, Data asset management, Full lifecycle of research data, Research data management, Data governance