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The Influence of Large Language Models Represented by ChatGPT on Information Resources Management

LU Wei, LIU Jiawei, MA Yongqiang, CHENG Qikai   

  • Online:2023-03-10 Published:2023-05-09
  • Contact: Correspondence should be addressed to LU Wei,, ORCID: 0000-0002-0929-7416
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    This is an outcome of the Key Project "Data and Intelligence Empowered Theoretic Change of Scientific Information Resource and Knowledge Management Theory"(72234005)and the project "Argumentation Logic Recognition of Scientific Proposition Text based on Machine Reading Comprehension"(72174157), both supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Abstract: OpenAI has released a new generation of conversational language model: ChatGPT, showing natural, fluid conversation capabilities, reviving the promise of artificial general intelligence that was previously thought impossible. Large language models represented by ChatGPT are typical technological and application innovations in the era of digital intelligence. ChatGPT's powerful ability of information processing, collecting, integrating and generating brings challenges and opportunities to information resource management discipline.It has had a profound impact on the six perspectives of information resources management including supporting algorithms and technologies, information resources construction, information organization and information retrieval, information governance, content security and evaluation, and human-computer intelligent interaction and collaboration. In the era of digital intelligence, with the rapid development of large-scale AI models, it is necessary for us to keep close attention to this and promote the corresponding transformation of subject technology application paradigm, innovation of theories and methods, and governance reform, so as to further consolidate the foundation of information resources to support the "Four Orientations".

Key words: ChatGPT, Large language model, Information resources management