Documentation, Informaiton & Knowledge ›› 2023, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (1): 66-74.doi: 10.13366/j.dik.2023.01.066

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The Technical Features and Aromorphosis of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC)


  • Online:2023-01-10 Published:2023-04-12

Abstract: [Purpose/Significance] The enrichment and emergence of multi-modal content promote the updating and iteration of technical models.This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities of AI generated content(AIGC)from the perspective of information resource management,which will play a positive role in the future application expansion and scene landing of AIGC. [Design/Methodology] Based on the evolution and development of the Internet, this paper combs the basic conditions for the development of AIGC from four aspects: network form evolution, content production, interpersonal interaction mode, and network resource organization. Focusing on three dimensions of data assignment, model intelligence and space empowerment, this paper discusses the technical characteristics of AIGC, the technical elements founded on data, algorithms and computing power, and the development stages based on entity twinning, learning and creation, and real-time autonomous generation. [Findings/Conclusion] The integration of AIGC and technical algorithms has brought a substantial impact on the research and practice of information resource management, which is embodied in information organization, data asset management, user research and information ethics. [Originality/Value] AIGC, supported by information resources, has strong productivity, which has brought a new attempt to the entire content ecology and creation model, analyzing its elements, characteristics and impacts is helpful to promote the exploration and practice of AIGC in the field of information resource management.

Key words: Artificial Intelligence Generated Content(AIGC), Data asset, Information resources management, Information organization